Saturday, 15 September 2012

Happy me

                                Hi Everyone i am so happy because i just got back from holidays !!!

                                                                 I saw these puppies online aren't they cute


They are so cute as soon as i saw them i was like i am going to put them on my blog !!!!
 This picture was taken by my mom that's why she is not in the picture okay if your wondering


                                                       And finally my parents okay here they are      


                                                         He he he they're lovely aren't they ???
                                                                   Have an awesome weekend
                                                                                    Ella xxxx

Saturday, 1 September 2012

My family

                                            Hi everyone i would like to show you my family

                                                           These people are my parents

                                                        These people are my three sisters i have no brothers
                                                             And this is me as happy as can be (:
                                                                                 Lots of love
                                                                                         Ella xxx
PS CONGRATULATIONS TO PATTY at Lemon Lane Cottage for winning the shabby apple contest