Monday, 20 August 2012

Sunny days

Hey everyone i was very happy because we've had sun a lot
Isn't that go-kart cool ?  We rented it for the day.

 And this was me on a very sunny day i grabbed the camera and took a picture of myself

                                                                      Lots of love
                                                                           Ella xxxx                                            


  1. Look how cute you are Ella! Hope you had lots of fun riding the go cart and thanks for stopping by my blog and saying HI! Shari ")

  2. Hello Ella,I'm so sorry I havent got the chance to pop over to see you,I've just been sooooooooo busy with My kids,etc.I will do My best to pop in more often now I'm back from holidays.I LOVE your cute pictures, How are you enjoying summer?Hi to your Mommy,love Juliexo

  3. What a cute picture of you. I bet you made your mom nervous on that go cart.

  4. Hello Ella! Thank you for visiting my blog, it's so nice to find yours. What a lovely happy picture of you that is!
    Enjoy your week...hope it's a sunny one!
    Helen x

  5. What a gorgeous picture of you Ella! You are a very pretty girl. I love that go-kart. I want one! xxx

  6. That looks like so much fun. I could do with one for getting around the garden! xx

  7. Hi Ella,
    Hope you had lots of fun with the go-kart! Did you get to drive it? Love your cute little happy picture!! Have a wonderful week! xoxo Debbie

  8. Hi Ella. :o)
    What a fun time you must have had on your go-kart!
    I live in the country and a lot of the folks here
    ride four wheelers. :o) I can hear them going down
    my road at times.
    I hope you are having a real nice week.
    Sincerely, Trish xo