Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Some days are very happy

Hi Everyone i had a very great day yesterday
Since i was so happy me and my doll Gianna smiled like mad

                                                  Do you guys like my doll ???


                                               She looks real doesn't she
                                                   My mom made me this i put my best notebook in it


                                                        Isn't it beautiful and pretty

                                                            well now you know how i have been
                                                            lots of love hugs and kisses
                                                                                Ella xxxx


  1. Hello gorgeous! Your doll is beautiful! You're right, she does look very real. I'm loving your new notebook case. Your mom is a clever lady! xxx

  2. Lovely notebook case - I love the things your mum makes! Glad you've had a happy day!
    Maria x

  3. I love your smiles Ella and yes your doll does look real. Hope your mum is ok, we haven't heard from her for a while, do say hello for me. Keep that smile on your pretty face.
    xx Sandi

  4. Hi Ella, Your doll is very pretty and she does look real. Have a good day. I am following you now. smiles and hugs, Patty

  5. Hi Ella. :o)
    Your doll is so pretty! :o)
    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    I hope you will come again.
    Have a lovely weekend. :o)
    hugs, Trish xo

  6. Hello Ella...Thank you so much for calling by my blog today!..Your doll is so pretty and your mum is very clever...always making such lovely things!
    Hope you are having a happy week,
    Susan x

  7. Hi Ella! Thanks for visiting!! Your doll is very cute, just like you!! Say "Hi" to your mom! xoxo Debbie

  8. Your mum is clever isn't she! I have one of her pretty notebooks that I won in her giveaway and I LOVE it so much. Your doll is beautiful - she looks very real.

    Have a lovely weekend - see you again soon.

  9. Hey pretty girl, I love you & your dolly
    Lots of love Momma xxxxxxx

  10. Hey, Ella!
    I love your doll- she's really beautiful, isn't she?
    And your notebook cover is lovely too. Aren't you lucky to have such a clever Mum?!!
    I hope you're having a lovely weekend- we've just had a MASSIVE thunderstorm here, which scared my cat!!